Casual Lindy Drop-in Class

Casual Lindy Drop-in Class

Instructor: Suneil Pandey
When: Next Drop-in class: August 2nd, 7:00 - 8:00 PM
What: 7:00 to 8:00 pm - Casual Lindy Drop-In Class ($10) Price includes Dance
8:00 to 10:30pm - Hump Day Hop Social Dance ($7 or $5 Student / Senior)

The Casual Lindy Drop-in Class is a unique class designed to solve the problem 'I don't have time to take a 6 week Course'. Each class starts off from scratch with the basics, followed by two related moves, one easy and the other more challenging. Drop-in for the class and stay for FREE to The Hump Day Hop Swing Dance which follows right after.

The Casual Lindy Drop-in Class rotates between 6 Count Lindy Hop and 8 Count Lindy Hop every month.

The moves in this class are chosen by the groups skill level. We try not to leave anyone behind! If the last move is too complicated, work on the first move.

Please bring a pair of clean indoor shoes. Preferably something flat and without grip. If you don't have anything, socks will be fine.

We can provide you with a dance partner if you need one. We do encourage rotating partners throughout the class. If you are attending this course with a partner, feel free to stay with them. We totally understand.

There will be practice time after the class during The Hump Day Hop. Feel free to ask us questions during this time. You get in for free, so feel free to stick around and dance with us!

There is a buzzer at the front door, Just dial 300. When you get in, proceed to the top of the stairs. We don't have a public elevator but if you are in need of assistance, there is a freight elevator in the back. Please contact us a head of time to make arrangements.

If you have any questions, please email Suneil at [email protected] or call 204 955-3489
Where: Hepcat Studio, 300 - 72 Princess Street
Note: There's no registration for Drop-In classes.